Spectrumwood Veneers

Green Spectrumwood Veneers

Greenply brings to you the "So natural..." appeal of Green Spectrumwood Veneers for homes that spell class.

They captivate senses. They capture wandering eyes. They charm the heart. That's what masterpeices do. And that's what our Green Spectrumwood Veneers collection does as well.

The entire range is so natural in appeal, it brings perfect uniformity so that your house and place of work can look as perfect as you want.

Choose the veneers that suit your living spaces the best. However, this isn't going to be easy.


Green Spectrumwood veneers are produced by using MITT, a patented technology of Greenply Industries Ltd. This technology ensures uniform and strong bonding of decorative veneer with the base ply against the conventional glue – spreading technology. It prevents the penetration of oil or phenolic resin from the base plywood to the decorative surface.


  • Thickness of Face Veneers 0.35 mm guaranteed
  • Thickness of Decorative Plywood 3.5 mm
  • Composed core base ply
  • Termite and Borer resistant
  • Melamine Impregnated Tissue Technology (MITT)
  • 9 New Shades

    Polishing Instructions

    Polishing is a very important step in rendering the final finish of any wooden surface. It not only takes care of the wood but also enhances its look. One has to be careful in selecting the right type, shade and amount of polishing for that perfect shine.

  • Green Spectrumwood veneers are pre-sanded. However, if dust from the veneer surface needs to be removed, lightly rub the surface of the veneer to be polished in the 'direction of the Grains' with emery / sand paper of 150+ grit specification.
  • Clean the Spectrumwood Veneer with a soft dry cloth.
  • Apply a coat of sealer on the surface of the Spectrumwood veneer with the help of a spray-gun and leave for drying for atleast two hours.
  • Once dried, lightly rub the surface again in the grain direction with sand paper (150+ grit) 40-50 times repeatedly. This prepares the veneer for a final polish.
  • Spray the required polish (Matt, Gloss, High gloss etc.) and leave it to dry in a dry and shaded place.
  • When dried, lightly rub the surface with sand paper in the grain direction and clean the surface with dry cloth.
  • Spray the required polish again and allow it to dry.

  • Please Note:
  • Polish steps given above are indicative only. Please take help of a qualified polisher.
  • Always ensure that branded finishing materials are used (Pidilite, ICI, Jivanjor etc).
  • Use a spray gun for best results.
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